Nanda y Juandiego – Wedding Site

branding / IA / illustration / web design

So, I got married last un june 2011. And, of course, I had to be in charge of every creative piece that was going to be part of the big day. Invitations, decoration and of course a web site that could be useful for our guests. This time I went with a one-page design, with a horizontal scroll that's triggered as the user navigates using the main menu. Visit the site.

Oca Diseño Culinario

IA / php / web design

Oca Diseño Culinario is a small company dedicated to culinary design. They are a hyper-creative team who are inventing new stuff all the time. They work mostly in catering for brand events and weddings. They needed a site that represented what they are, while being a showcase for their work (which is highly visual) and a place to share reviews or posts about cooking-related stuff. Visit the site.

branding / IA / illustration / web design

It all started with a simple algorithm that Sergio García put together. It purpose was to mix tweets from the timeline of any given user, having as an outcome, weird and sometimes funny new tweets. I loved the idea and had the honor of taking part in the name choice and the definition of the user flows. Later I worked on a logo, an illustration and a template design for the application. Visit the site.

BurnThis, KeepThat

branding / illustration / photoshop / web design

Here at Zemoga we wanted to give the internet a little Christmas present, so we brought this latinamerican tradition called Año Viejo to the digital world. An Año Viejo is a rag doll built by families to contain the good and the bad things of the passing year. The doll is then set ablaze on New Year's Eve. In the app, users can customize their doll and stuff it with text, tweets, videos, pics or just links. The dolls will be digitally burnt on December 31st. Visit the site

FICIB 2010

IA / illustration / php / web design

The Foundation Barrio Colombia organized for the second year a music festival featuring several song-writers from Latin America and Spain. We only had three days to put together the whole site, before the festival began. With that in mind, I decided to make a one-page Wordpress site, including complete information about the festival, artists, schedule and venues. Visit the site


flash / IA / illustration / photoshop / php / web design

Estivo is a swimsuit/lingerie store in Bogotá and Medellín. They wanted to have a nice and attractive website but still needed it to be really flexible and SEO-friendly. So the way to go was a Wordpress site with several flash pieces that could be updated from a control panel. Lot's of photos, colors and textures were included so the design felt really human and organic. Visit the site

Sugar, Sweet & Sass

IA / illustration / photoshop / php / web design

SS&S is a nice bakery in San Francisco. They had a new logo and wanted to put online their website with all the information about the bakery and its products. It was really important to communicate that it was a family business so I tried to give the design a warm feeling and included a lot of traditional elements, such as the colors, textures, ornaments and the frames around the photos.

Sipote Burrito

IA / web design

Sipote is a fast food restaurant in Bogotá. It was really important for them to respect their visual identity so we worked very closely to Lip, their agency. We created a simple site, with the basic information and a special area to enforce the concept of "being big = being nice". It was also important to connect the site and the brand to Facebook and Twitter. Visit the site


branding / php / web design

3Metas is a digital strategy company in Bogota and Ft. Lauderdale. I've been working here for about five months and I had already done all the branding work but we still had to redesign completely the website. We tried a completely different approach from the copy to the graphic concept, trying to look like a tech company but not being boring or shy at all. The whole website is working on Wordpress, so we can update it daily with blog posts and such. Visit the site


IA / photoshop / web design

Osaki is an oriental food restaurant in Bogotá. The have done a great work redesigning their restaurants and their menus so they wanted to do something new with their site. We started working on wireframes until we were happy with them. Then I started adding some elements from the menu so I could have a flexible site still having a lot of the brand's personality. Visit the site

Andrea Espinal

illustration / photoshop / web design

Andrea is a great visual artist from Colombia who is actually based in Montreal, Canada. She has worked for two major companies in the country and she has an amazing reel to show. She needed a really basic website where she could show her work and she needed it quickly. So we focused on the essential information and tried to show it in a nice fun way. that's why, even when the site is so basic, the graphics are so detailed. Visit the site


flash / IA / php / web design

80sillas is a sea food restaurant in Bogotá. They had a lot of beautiful photographies and few content to show. So it was easy to define the general concept for the site. We displayed every photo we had and attached to every one of them a nice copy. Some of the pictures also had one of the content areas behind. Also, for the sake of usability, we included the horizontal menu. Visit the site


branding / web design

Modernois is a weblog about music. It's written by people around the world and the philosophy is to write about the music that every member in the staff likes. I designed their logo and, beginning with that, designed the whole template. One of the interesting parts of the project was identifying every writer with a color to identify their posts. Photographies and videoclips add a lot of color and life to the blog. Visit the site

Fundación Guillermo Cano

IA / php / web design

They had a static site for a long time so they wanted a full redesign and I was proud to do it. We first started working on the information architecture, keeping in mind that their most valuable resource was their articles and news. It was important for my client to be able to update every piece of content in the site, so I designed and implemented the site 100% in Wordpress. Visit the site

Diana Sandoval

branding / flash / php / web design

Diana is a great photographer and she wanted to have a sexy yet simple portfolio. The first task was her logo/identity using lots of color (just as her work). Then everything was put together in Flash. One of my concerns was to deliver a nice but easy to update portfolio, so I connected the front-end in Flash with a Flickr account, using php and the Flickr API. Visit the site

Copa Airlines

IA / web design

This is just a design proposal for the new Copa's website. The business proposal was dismissed by the company but everybody seemed to like the design. It features a lot of information and the design had to be in line with the transactional nature of the site, preserving the brand's identity to it's maximum.

Biblioteca Nacional

web design

The National Library of Colombia asked us at Gattaca to make a couple of sites for two of their regular publications. So I designed two different websites for "Senderos" and "A Contratiempo", targeting different users and keeping in mind that the philosophy was'nt just copying exactly from the paper to the web.


branding / web design

Personal project i've made with a small group of friends. I did all the design work, including logo, prototypes, design and even xhtml/css. It is, without a question, a nice excercise for learning some interesting things about the design for social applications. Our button to add news has been already featured in most of the major news sites in Colombia. Visit the site

La Litografía

flash / web design

This site was made for a constructor firm. They bought this old building near downtown Bogotá which used to be a press, a lot of years ago. Now, it's in a restoring process to be used as an apartment building. The site is a media to show more about the building and it was completely designed in Flash.

Sitting in Limbo

web design

This is not actually a project, this is just a space I opened in this portfolio to showcase some proposals that never saw the light but I still like.

Dinamita / Collage Contest

illustration / photoshop

Two collages i made for this contest. It was promoted by a fashion designer known as Dinamita. I started with two photographies by Maria Elisa Duque, and then let go. The first piece was a winner and the second one had a special mention.

Transmilenio Flashmob

illustration / photoshop

Flyer for a flashmob organized to protest against the prohibition that exists over the photo taking inside the public transport system of Bogotá called Transmilenio. The flyer was promoted in Flickr and some blogs, getting the attention over this subject and calling between 100 and 200 people to the flashmob.